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Family Asset Advisory Services

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We are

50 International, a service for

the non-domiciled and newly resident to ensure that all the family’s off-shore and UK assets and interests are integrated into the most effective cross-border structures.
Advice which incorporates Visa requirements, dual taxation issues, arrangements for portfolio holdings, business interests and operational support to optimise the family’s position across generations.

Independent & impartial advice to individuals, families & those with complex assets.




to accurately detail business interests and personal including liquidity, projected values, and how these are controlled and directed. Accuracy is paramount as it is the basis for cross-border structures.
Global Asset Review

Storage Services

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Packing & Unpacking

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is provided by independent senior barristers to strategically plan for non-domicile taxation for all assets including non-UK holdings and business interests.


A meticulous process which results in a fully bespoke analysis of the assets, objectives and concerns of the individual and their family for structures to be tax compliant and optimal.


Banking &


needs are analysed for the family to access the required facilities. A process that records the origins of the wealth and family’s needs going forward.


Solutions emphasise diversification across a selection of banks and asset managers to manage risk. Consolidated regular reports clarify the overall financial picture that check costings, diversification and accessibility.

Structure &


are integral. Structuring is carefully implemented in accordance with Counsel’s advice to ensure that the family maintains control of their assets and interests; Trusts are rarely used. In this process regular reviews are established to check for changes in Visa requirements, legislation and family circumstances.

Corporate Structure




are reviewed in detail in order to provide the support required for the non-domicile. This includes visas, acquisition of UK Passport, education, social integration, reputation, personnel, security and all other key areas.

Key Ancillary Advice




50 provides the time and discipline to help the family thoroughly articulate its short to long-term strategy in the context of the families background, concerns and objectives.


These must be the foundations for all effective strategic planning.




The detailed review ensures that 50 prepares an accurate, fact based, summary for the tax Barrister to provide the depth of advice the family needs.


With this analysis investment strategies, business interests and the structure of the family can be seamlessly structured.




Advice correctly integrated with the family’s position enables 50 to implement the required structures, management and control, and support for the family. Post-implementation regular reviews and oversight are provided to ensure that Visa requirements, legislation and governance align to care for the family.

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