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Family Asset Advisory Services

Our Story

We are

50 International, a service for

the non-domicile and newly resident to ensure that all the family’s off-shore and UK assets and interests are integrated into the most effective cross-border structures.

Advice that incorporates tax strategies, banking needs, visa requirements, dual taxation issues, arrangements for portfolio holdings, business interests, security and reputation, and operational support to optimise a family’s position across generations

Independent & impartial advice to individuals, families & those with complex assets.


to accurately detail business and personal interests including the tax status of capital, its liquidity, projected values, anticipated requirements and how these are controlled and directed. Once analysed this is incorporated within the family's strategic plans. Accuracy is paramount as this is the basis for all national and cross-border structuring and the foundation for effective tax advice.

Global Asset Review

Storage Services

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Packing & Unpacking

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is provided by independent senior barristers to strategically plan for the issues relating to non-domicile taxation for all UK and offshore holdings and business interests. A meticulous process that results in a fully bespoke analysis of the assets and their history against the objectives and concerns of the individual and their family. This addresses historic problems as well as structure and compliantly uses the available tax reliefs and exemptions.

Tax Analysis

Structure &

is a key integral matter. Structuring is carefully implemented in accordance with senior Tax Counsel’s advice to ensure that the family maintains control of their assets and interests on an intergenerational basis; Trusts are rarely used and only of necessity. In this process, regular reviews are established to check for changes in family circumstances, legislation, and projected business events.


is of cardinal importance. This is increasingly important for cross-border families and high-value international transactions. The loss of access to banking has very serious implications. Strategically we work to provide standby banking and prepare for high-value transactions.  This is an increasingly important issue with the provision of secondary banking needing to be integrated as a key element in planning.



holdings and strategies need to be carefully prepared and monitored. A process that records the origins of the wealth and family’s needs going forward. Solutions provide diversification across a selection of asset classes and indeed managers to control risk. Consolidated regular reports clarify the overall financial picture whilst also checking costings, diversification, and accessibility. Additionally, for the non-domicile, the preservation of clean capital needs to be carefully integrated into portfolios.

Visa and ability

Visa and ability  
to reside

needs to be carefully managed as requirements continue to increase in complexity. Thus, it is important that expert immigration lawyers carefully consider options to ensure that the most appropriate immigration category is used. Additionally, the same depth of advice and guidance is provided for additional passports, secondary visas and rights to reside. Once implemented the arrangements are monitored as violations can be expensive to redress.



is not just a matter of effective physical protection and the probing and testing of existing security arrangements which our experts provide. Of equal importance is the protection of reputation and the checking and countering of false social media. In this leading intelligence, investigative and strategic communication is carefully deployed to check and repair profiles.



needs to be more than just getting access to a school or university. More important is a professional assessment of the child or student as to aptitude, ability, and personality to ensure that the correct educational path is laid out. Integrated into this is the provision of mentors and a programme of planned reviews to check that key educational steps are being achieved along with the onward development of social well-being.

Climate strategies.jpg

Climate & Geopolitics

as the implications of climate change and adverse geopolitics start to be felt there is an increasing need for ‘Plan B’ strategic planning. In the search for climate and geo-political havens, it is important that the right to reside includes an audit of visas, property ownership, tax compliance, access to effective banking, investment orientation as well as the family's social media presence and reputational profile.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

is imperative for businesses and families as data is a key strategic asset that needs to be protected. Conventional solutions produce limited results. Our experts use science and AI automation to produce real-time hierarchical analysis of where real vulnerabilities exist. Their carefully engineered systems provide families and organisations with immediate actionable intelligence which rapidly increases cyber security maturity and reduces risks and costs.





50 provides the time and discipline to help the family thoroughly articulate  its short to long-term strategy in the context of the families background, concerns and objectives.
These must be the foundations for all effective strategic planning. 




The detailed review ensures that 50 prepares an accurate, fact-based, summary for the tax Barrister to provide the depth of advice the family needs. With this analysis investment strategies, business interests and the structure of the family can be seamlessly structured.




Advice correctly integrated with the family’s position enable 50 to implement the required structures, management and control, and support for the family. Post implementation  regular reviews and oversight are provided to ensure that Visa requirements, legislation and governance align to care for the family. 

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